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Sark: La Seigneurie/Seigneur Gardens 
13th-Aug-2005 10:17 pm
E) Proud American and Christian

Apple Mill (April 2000) is on the grounds of Le Seigneurie.
Make my day!
Make my day!

Don't mess with me! (April 2000)

When visiting Le Seigneurie you must see the Elizabethan bronze cannon. Queen Elizabeth I presented it to the first Seigneur Helier de Carteret and inscribed with the words "Don de sa Majeste' la Royne Elizabeth au Seigneur de Sercq A.D. 1572."
When The Germans abandoned their occupation of Sark in WW II, they left behind the field gun.

Clock (April 2000)

A favorite for kids is the Hedge Maze on the grounds of Le Seigneurie. (Nov. 1997)

It was planted in 1991 at the far end of the vegetable Garden. In the Center, The "castle" was built from an oak that fell during the hurricane of 1987.
Seigneur (or lord) Michael Beaumont

Seigneur (or lord) Michael Beaumont

Sark is the last feudal state in Europe and as such is governed by the Seigneur Michael Beaumont. On one trip (April 2000) I was able to ask him a few questions.
When asked why Americans should visit Sark, he replied that because of its unique political status it makes an interesting place to visit in addition to there being no cars.
As far as the best time to travel, he said that depends on what you want to do. If flowers and bird watching then go in the early spring. However, if swimming is more your style then July-Sept.

Seigneur Gardens is on the grounds of Le Seigneurie.

Another view of Seigneur Gardens (April 2000)

This old signaling tower was probably built in the late 17th or early 18th century. Built as a signaling and look out tower before the view of guernsey was obstructed by trees. At present the building isn't open to the public as the steps and platforms decayed to the point they were removed. The tower is on the grounds of Le Seigneurie. (April 2000)

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