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Sark in Pictures 
30th-Aug-2005 01:53 am
1) Me at Omaha Zoo in front of the World

Main Street Traffic Guernsey War Memorial
Main Street Traffic

traffic on main street include pedestrians, bicyclers and horse drawn carriages (used mostly by tourists). (April 2000)
Guernsey War Memorial

Remembering the dead of World War II at the St. Peters Port in Guernsey. (April 2000)
Unloading in Sark Expensive Transportation
Unloading in Sark

While automobiles are banned, tractors have been allowed for essential agricultural purposes and getting passengers to and from the harbor at the base of a very steep hill. (Nov. 1997)
Expensive Transportation

Due to the cost of horse and buggy, this form of transport is primarily used by tourists. (April 2000)


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