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Travel Guide
Around Sark 
30th-Aug-2005 01:47 am
E) Proud American and Christian

Dixcart Arch Butterfly Rock
Dixcart Arch

This natural archway is located on the beach at Dixcart Harbor. (Nov 1997)
Butterfly Rock

Can you see why this rock along the coast of Sark received its name? (April 2000)

One of the many caves that are in the coastline of Sark. Sark's caves are famous among European Spelunkers. (April 2000)

Standing at the base of a cliff on Dixcart Beach in Dixcart Harbor.(April 2000)
Dirt Road Sark Lighthouse
Dirt Road

No Paved roads in Sark, just packed dirt roads (April 2000)
Sark Lighthouse

The lighthouse, one of the last maned light houses in the world is now automated and tours are no longer available. (April 2000)
Bicycling Waterfall?

Bicycle is one of main forms of transportation to Sarkese on an island that does not allow motor vehicles. (Nov. 1997)

I took time to stand under a waterfall. Actually, I am on Dixcart beach again, standing at the base of the cliff where a trickle of water is flowing from the top of the cliff after a recent rain. (April 2000)

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